the process

I’m an actor first… photographer second. Wait! Don’t stop reading! Let me explain how having your photographer in the grind might be, in a word, awesome.

First of all, I get it. I get what you go through because I go through it myself. The good, the bad, the ups, the downs… the feeling that we’re not in control of any of it? Yeah. Been there. But here’s the thing… at the end of the day, we’re storytellers. So why not take control of your craft from the very first building block of your career and have fun doing it! Your headshot is not only a marketing tool, it’s an important part of your personal story. We get to tell everybody who we are, on what shows we belong, and what roles we will knock out of the park.

I’ve noticed there is a certain type of story I am asked to tell again and again through my work as an actor. This story comes from my core, my truth, and it’s my job as an actor to share it. The journey you’re on in your life at this very moment is what shines through your eyes and into the camera. There is no hiding it and why would you want to? Truth is what’s important to your craft. It will set you apart from the sea of other actors with whom you may share a physical resemblance. Which brings us to “branding”…

I know, I know. I hate that word, too. It’s so reductive, right? But if we adjust our understanding of this necessary evil, “branding” can actually be empowering… a way for us to take control of our image. We have approximately 3 seconds to visually give Casting Directors as much information as possible so they can decide where you belong in the world they cast.

Once we’ve decided to work together on getting you to the next level of your career, we’ll use my “Actor Questionnaire” as a blueprint for our shoot. Together we will curate authentic, eye-catching photos that tell YOUR STORY using lighting and setting, wardrobe, hair/makeup, body language, and energy.

So as you can see, my objective isn’t just to take fantastic photos of you… I want those photos to shake up your career. Like I said, actor first… photographer second.