Hey, I’m Alex

I’m an actor who stumbled into photography. I bought my first camera back in 2010, not long after I moved to New York and started booking acting work. Honestly, it was more affordable to buy a decent camera and take shots of myself than to pay for new headshots every time my hairstyle changed for a project. I soon started taking headshots for my friends, my acting school classmates, my co-stars, and then for their friends, and so on. I loved it. It was an incredible feeling knowing my peers were walking away from a shoot with me armed with honest images that stand out and strategically influence their image.


My Process

I’m not interested in taking a pretty picture of you. I want to get the shot that’s going to open doors to rooms that will lead to you booking work.




starting at$650

Soul Shoot

starting at $1500

Strategy Session

starting at $175/hr

Web Design

starting at $450

Reel Editing

Starting at $400


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