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Carol Jacobanis

I LOVE shooting with Alex! Besides being a skilled photographer, she completely understands what it’s like to be in front of the camera, which just makes everything so much easier. Our sessions are always collaborative, creative, and fun. Best of all, I come away with an abundance of photos that I and my reps love. ###Carol Jacobanis%%%

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Tommy Buck

Alex has been shooting my headshots for 10 years. She’s the best. Using her headshots, I’ve booked work on NBC, FOX, HBO and several feature films. If you’re trying to get your foot in the door, or understand how to market yourself better, she’s is the photographer for you.

###Tommy Buck%%%

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Stacey Weckstein

I got four auditions the first week I put up my new headshots! I LOVE them, and so does my manager. Each one is right for all the different types I can play. Taking photos with Alex is like taking a great acting class. She is a master storyteller. She pushed me to get more specific and bring more of me to each shot. ###Stacey Weckstein%%%

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Carolina Korth

Alex figures out your story and what stories you should be telling on screen, and she finds a way to capture them both. She knows what will draw a casting director’s eye to you. Beyond being a savvy actor and photographer, she’s also a lovely human being. I really can’t recommend her enough. ###Carolina Korth%%%

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Victoria Miller

Just me. Not commercialized, not angled to look skinnier, not angled to change the appearance of my profile. Just me. Because she’s an incredible woman, and an incredible soul, and she wants to capture the people that come to see her truthfully. If you’re in the business, go work with her. Thank you, Alex for allowing me to be unapologetically me in front of your camera. ###Victoria Miller%%%

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Nathaniel Kent

Alex was terrific to work with and I love the way my photos turned out. She is interested in capturing the best photos for your personal goals, which creates a really positive experience from the pre shoot process all the way through retouching. Very helpful at every step of the way, with great advice and an honest and thoughtful approach to the business of acting.
###Nathaniel Kent%%%

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Serena Williams

Alex made me feel right at home the minute I walked in her door. She took the time to address any questions/concerns I had and evaluated my previous headshots to understand the direction I needed to go with my headshots. Within 5 minutes of meeting me she figured out my style and made sure it came through in my pictures. I would recommend Alex to anyone and I would definitely go back, although I may not need to because my pictures came out so perfect!
###Serena Williams%%%

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Sarah Bierstock

The only difficult part about the entire process was that I had so many fantastic shots to choose from, it made selecting challenging!  She was very patient, clear, and positive — and I was genuinely thrilled with the outcome.  At Alex’s suggestion, I started focusing more on commercial print work, and immediately secured representation at CESD.
###Sarah Bierstock%%%

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Stephanie Carlisle

When it comes to photographing actors, Alex is in a league of her own. Her enthusiasm and positive energy helped me relax in front of the camera. Her photos exceed expectations. She knows how to capture your spirit and personality. My headshots were so amazing that I had a difficult time choosing my favorites. She is truly a fabulous photographer! ###Stephanie Carlisle%%%

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Rena Aliglu

Every Agent and Casting Director who have seen my headshots have complimented them and asked who was my photographer. Alex does a great job, she really cares about you and makes sure you get the best pictures. Plus she is the nicest person in the world. ###Rena Alioglu%%%

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Joe Blute

It not only felt like a headshot session, but an acting business class as well. The knowledge Alex shares with you about the business is invaluable. It was eye opening to say the least. A shoot with the wonderful Alex Turshen is everything an actor could hope for. The hospitality, the energy, the analytical approach, and the relaxed atmosphere provided while getting your headshot taken.
###Joe Blute%%%

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Angela P

The best thing about working with Alex is that she is so spot on with branding.  In previous headshot sessions I’ve always tried to get a “pretty” picture.  Alex focuses on what “looks” will sell you, what will get you in the room. I’ve had such incredible feedback from agents and casting directors about my new shots because they are specific and show them exactly who I am.  I highly recommend Alex…she’s amazing!
###Angela Petruzziello%%%

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Sarah Arakian

I don’t think I had ever experienced the feeling of “rightness” that I had upon seeing my headshots from Alex. That tells me she’s gotten something honest and special that had been lacking in my previous shots. Alex has a specific process that helps her get to know you, and, in the process, you discover a hell of a lot about yourself. It is like a headshot session and career reality check rolled in one.
###Sarah Arakian%%%

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Aleigha Spinks

Alex is an excellent photographer and all around great human to work with. Her experience being an actor really comes in handy to deliver shots that truly capture the essence of her subjects. Not only have I booked gigs based off of my headshots alone, but I had such a positive experience that I immediately recommended her talents to all of my friends! She is simply THE BEST.
###Aleigha Spinks%%%

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Anna Holbrook

Alex  is a powerhouse photographer for many reasons. She has a great eye, great sense of style, is a savvy businesswoman, who – oh yeah – also happens to be a superb actor. In other words, she gets us. She’s ahead of the game, articulate about it’s needs and therefore a super opportunity for anyone who wants to up their game.
###Anna Holbrook%%%

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